December 2021

We’re Hiring

Vacancy: Full-time Gardener

We’re looking for a qualified gardener with at least 2-years experience to undertake garden maintenance duties with our team of enthusiastic horticulturalists in South West London.   

Applicants, please click here to request details of this position.


Beyond Bloom

Specialist Garden Maintenance in South West London

Garden Services

Beyond Bloom is a South West London based garden maintenance company with a holistic approach to producing perfectly manicured gardens, specialising in maintenance, garden clearances, seasonal makeovers, mowing & lawn, Pots & Patios, Garden Advice & Jet Washing.

Our team of horticulturally trained gardeners are professional, punctual polite.


Beyond Bloom was founded in 2009 by Viennese horticulturist and garden designer Andrea Vytlacil, she has lived in the UK for 31 years.

During the past 12 years, Andrea has built up an impeccable reputation with her loyal, established customer base in south London

Andrea is deeply passionate about plants. Her practical advice leads to substantial improvements to the well-being and aesthetic of her customer’s gardens.

Gardens are a resource for wildlife

The majority of ordinary gardens are rich with life, so to reach a symbiosis with nature in the garden is very important to us.

Our team of skilled gardeners are conscientious at all times to ensure the wildlife habitats of your garden are protected, without compromising the timeline and outcome of the project.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and happy to discuss the requirements of new clients.


Garden Maintenance in SW London

Choose from a wide range of gardening maintenance services 

Whatever your garden maintenance needs, we have tailored a wide range of  services to tackle them. There is no job too big or small for us – choose from the list of gardening services below and get in touch to make your first appointment, it’s that simple!

Garden Maintenance – Raking, pruning, hedge cutting, weeding, sweeping, watering, soil management, plant management

Lawncare – Raking, mowing, reseeding, shaping, feeding, moss control, scarifying

Seasonal Spruce – Spring, Autumn, Summer & Winter makeover

Pots & Patios – Plant management, plant sourcing, soil management, planting, weeding, sweeping, power washing

Tree Surgery – Service, coming soon

Garden Advice – Seasonal advice and schedules for customers wishing to maintain their gardens by themselves

Power Washing – Stone washing, furniture washing, seasoning, detergents on request – the client must have mains and water connectivity

Garden Design – For garden design enquiries, click here to visit our sister company

Planting Design – For planting design enquiries, click here to visit our sister company

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Please get in touch to discuss your gardening requirements

If you need to make a booking or have any questions regarding garden maintenance, or garden design services, please get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Are we right for you?

Not a typical garden maintenance company

Beyond Bloom is a small local team of professional and punctual gardeners with a passion – to cultivate our customer’s gardens into inspirational, life-enhancing spaces. 

Our horticulturally trained team has a broad knowledge of plants – ensuring the most professional outcome for your garden: and to reach a symbiosis with its nature.


Our gardeners work in harmony with nature in your garden.
We use human power as much as we possibly can, only using quiet lithium power tools when there is no other option.

We avoid the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers – opting for the natural approach by adding organic materials to the soil to build long-term fertility.

We encourage composting as much as possible, as home-made compost is higher in nutrients than most shop-bought alternatives.

We repurpose as many old items as possible, such as pots and encourage the use of lower energy materials for use in your garden.

Garden Maintenance

Specialist Tooling

As dedicated horticulturalists, we use the best gardening tools available. The majority of our bladed tools are hand-made in Japan, a country noted for their expertise in manufacturing the finest steel razor-sharp blades – resulting in the cleanest possible cut.

Other hand-held tools are made by Austrian coppersmiths, with ultra-fine edges, ideal for precision work and soil cultivation.

Most of our power tools are German-made lithium battery-powered to minimise noise and environmental pollution.

We sterilize tools and boots intermittently throughout the day, to mitigate the spread of disease.

Beyond Bloom Garden Maintenance - Andrea Vytlacil - BW - Cotswolds

Tailored Services

At Beyond Bloom, we endeavour to work closely with our customers, to form a working brief or schedule that suits each gardening need.

For regular customers, we will form a plan to maximise the potential of your garden throughout the seasons, whilst retaining the flexibility to adapt the brief to facilitate any changes or on-the-spot amendments you may wish to make.

If you need us for just a day or two, we will establish your requirements in advance then undertake the brief to the word, within the allocated time.

Our team of gardeners will be happy to offer any related gardening advise at the beginning of each appointment

Rain & Work

Whilst you can count on us to arrive on time for every appointment, the weather is beyond our control!

The good news is our team of intrepid gardeners are not shy of a bit of rain now and then – they’re more than happy to work during light short showers as they are equipped with rainproof clothing to keep them warm and dry.

Our team will not work during persistent and heavy rain, as this causes damage to gardens.

For persistent downpours, we may need to rebook your appointment. Cancelled appointments, due to heavy rain, will be rebooked as soon as possible.


Garden Projects

Providing garden maintenance of the highest standard, since 2009

Our intrepid team of professional gardeners across South West London cultivate each garden to an optimal level. Please take a moment to view some of our case studies to see how smart your garden could look. 

Project 1

West Norwood, London

Regular customer, two gardeners, 3 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 3

Streatham, London

Regular customer, two gardeners, 2 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 5

Leytonstone, London

Regular customer, two gardeners, 1 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 2

Streatham Hill, London

Regular customer, two gardeners, 2 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 4

The Cotswolds

Regular customer, two gardeners, 4 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 6

West Norwood, London

Regular customer, two gardeners, 2 hours per month, full garden maintenance, planting design, garden design

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Specialist Gardening Tools

Tooled-up with the best stuff your garden needs!

At Beyond Bloom, we’re serious about horticulture – we use the best gardening tools available, hand-made by artisans throughout the world, including Japan, Austria, Germany and GB.


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information you may need before getting in touch

We hope these FAQs answer some of your key questions. Please feel free to contact us hereor use the links below if you need further information rgarding our gardening services.


• A team of two gardeners will attend each booking.

• We equip our gardeners with the highest specification tooling available – designed to undertake each gardening task to the utmost level of horticultural professionalism.

• Tools and shoes are disinfected intermittently during the daily gardening process to mitigate bacterial cross-infection.

• Our team will follow the brief to the word and undertake your requests within the time allocated. For regular appointments, we’ll adapt your brief to facilitate new priorities at the beginning of the session (if required).

• The team will arrive equipped with all necessary PPE to mitigate COVID infection including, face masksdisinfectant & hand sanitiser.

• We require customers to open all relevant doors, so our gardeners can access the garden with minimal contact.


Please call us now for a consultation on 0795-689-8341, or click here to email us.


Yes, we’re happy to work on individual projects.


If we finish the job earlier than initially estimated, you will only have to pay for the time we have worked.


If you live in a permit zone, we require you to arrange the relevant parking permit, to enable us to park safely. If you are unable to do this, we will add the cost of parking to your invoice.


Our team may work during light short showers.

They will not work during persistent and heavy rain, as this causes damage to gardens.

Cancelled appointments, due to heavy rain and water-logging, will be rebooked as a priority.


We undertake garden maintenance in South West London. We sometimes consider special requests to work nationally.


Yes, we have full liability insurance.


Garden Gallery

The vitality of our gardens and their plants, is our passion

The health and vitality of our client’s gardens are vital to us, so we have compiled a small gallery for you to enjoy, featuring some of the garden’s we maintain, accompanied by detail shots of the flowers and plants flourishing within them!


What our customers have to say about our work


“We found Andrea through a friend’s recommendation and are so so lucky to have her and her wonderful team. Andrea is fantastically knowledgeable with some fantastic ideas and is happy to work to your budget. She and her team are totally reliable, professional and hard working and our garden is giving us so much more pleasure now rather than being an extra thing to do on an ever increasing list of things to sort!”

– Jane, Dulwich

“Andrea is a visionary gardener. She and the team work hard from the minute they arrive and she has developed lovely garden designs and executed them perfectly. She is helpful and happy to provide ideas or work with my own to develop the garden. I am consistently given compliments on the garden by friends and family”

– Alex, West Dulwich

Andrea Vytlacil and her happy Beyond Bloom crew have tended to my garden for the past three years. Andrea is a friendly and enlightened horticulturist with an appreciation for the formal and informal gardens.

She is hard working, thorough, and it is a pleasure to have her look after my garden.

– Sheila, Herne Hill

Andrea designed our garden a few years ago and has been coming back on a monthly basis to maintain it to a very high standard, despite the antics of our dog.

She provides a reliable service and is happy to make changes, such as adding more fruit trees, golden raspberries and strawberries, since our kids love picking fruit.

– Adeline, Streatham Hill

Keeping the garden under control has been transformed for me by Andrea and her team. She tackles any problem with cheerfulness and determination and knows her plants and their natures.

I can highly recommend her work!

– Gwenda & Alan, West Norwood

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New customers wishing to book regular appointments will receive a complimentary 50% discount off the first hour.

During this current full lockdown, I have temporarily suspended work in gardens, accessed through the house. I will lift the suspension as soon as the governments advise states it’s safe to do so. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Staff & Customer Guidance

Customer Measures

 Customers without direct access to the garden will not be visited until further notice.

All customers must remain in their homes at all times when gardeners are in attendance.

Gardeners will not enter the customer’s property at any time.

When gardeners are in attendance, customers will communicate to them from inside their homes via phone. This ensures the elderly and customers with underlying health conditions are completely isolated from the team.

No refreshments or food to be provided by the customer to our gardeners.

Any customers displaying flu-like symptoms must not approach our gardeners.

Staff Measures

General Hygiene and Housekeeping

When arriving on-site, all staff members must wash their hands thoroughly with hand disinfectant.

— Protective gloves must be worn when staff arrive and exit the garden

— Door handles and touchable surfaces must be disinfected when staff arrive and exit the garden

Wash hands with disinfectant at regular periodic intervals throughout the day.

Avoid all handshakes or physical contact (hugs) with colleagues, customers, delivery drivers or contractors coming on site.

Avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes.

Maintain a distance of at least 2m from colleagues, customers, delivery drivers or contractors coming on site.

Be vigilant always and keep a safe distance from anybody who is sneezing or coughing that includes but not limited to: work colleagues, delivery drivers, contractors working on-site, customers.

Every tool bag in the company to have a pack of disinfectant wipes.

Try to avoid leaving the site during working hours but if you do need to leave the site, wash your hands immediately on your return using disinfectant wipes.

At the end of the working day clean your phone, tools and any other items that have been used throughout the day with disinfectant spray and/or wipes.

Every tool bag to have a hand disinfectant with clear instructions on usage (to state that person should not touch customers door handles until the disinfectant has been used).

Use of Public Transport

Public transport to be avoided where possible.

Wear gloves throughout your entire journey.

Keep your distance to others where possible.

Do not touch your face, mouth or nose.

When arriving on-site, take your gloves off, put them away and wash your hands with hand disinfectant for at least 20 seconds.

Use hand disinfectant provided where necessary.

Travelling to and from work

Disinfect Personal/Company vehicle (Dashboard, door handle, steering wheel).

 Beyond Bloom staff must not share a vehicle at any time.

No smoking in the vehicle.


Gardeners will not share food and drinks.

Gardeners will not smoke in the presence of others.

Toilet use

Each member of staff will be allocated a unisex urinal, to be used discretely, in an appropriate location.

External interaction

Physical interaction needs to be limited to zero with the following:

Delivery drivers



Third-party drivers

External Drivers and Couriers

Beyond Bloom staff should not have any physical contact with HGV, Container, Palletways and any other heavy-duty delivery drivers and should always maintain a distance of at least 2m from the drivers in the event where interaction is required.

Beyond Bloom staff should not have any physical contact with courier delivery drivers and should always maintain a distance of at least 2m.

Avoid all contact whatsoever with Drivers delivering consumable products to any locations. Always maintain a distance of at least 2m from the drivers in the event where interaction is required.

If I feel unwell?

Stay at home if you have Coronavirus Symptoms.

A High temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back.

A new, continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.

If you have the above symptoms, stay at home for 14 days.

If you live with other people, they should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms.

For full guidance on what to do should you feel unwell/think that you might have contracted Coronavirus, visit the following NHS website immediately: