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Beyond Bloom is a garden maintenance company based in Dartmoor, Devon with a holistic approach to producing perfectly manicured gardens, specialising in maintenance, garden clearances, seasonal makeovers, mowing & lawn, Pots & Patios, Garden Advice & Jet Washing.

Our team of horticulturally trained gardeners are professional, punctual polite.


Beyond Bloom was founded in 2009 by Viennese horticulturist and garden designer Andrea Vytlacil, she has lived in England for 32 years.

Andrea is deeply passionate about plants. Her practical advice leads to substantial improvements to the well-being and aesthetic of her customer’s gardens.

Gardens are a resource for wildlife

The majority of ordinary gardens are rich with life, so to reach a symbiosis with nature in the garden is very important to us.

The majority of ordinary gardens are rich with life, so to reach a symbiosis with nature in the garden is very important to us.

Our team of skilled gardeners are conscientious at all times to ensure the wildlife habitats of your garden are protected, without compromising the timeline and outcome of the project.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and happy to discuss the requirements of new clients.


Garden Maintenance Devon

Choose from a wide range of gardening maintenance services 

Whatever your gardening needs, we have tailored a wide range of garden maintenance services to tackle them. Located on Dartmoor, just 2 miles from Chagford, we work in a 40-mile radius from DartmoorExeter to North Cornwall. There is no job too big or small for us – choose from the list of gardening services below and get in touch to make your first appointment – it’s that simple!

Garden Maintenance – Raking, pruning, hedge cutting, weeding, sweeping, watering, soil management, plant management

Lawncare – Raking, mowing, reseeding, shaping, feeding, moss control, scarifying

Seasonal Spruce – Spring, Autumn, Summer & Winter makeover

Pots & Patios – Plant management, plant sourcing, soil management, planting, weeding, sweeping, power washing

Garden Advice – Seasonal advice and schedules for customers wishing to maintain their gardens by themselves

Power Washing – Stone washing, furniture washing, seasoning, detergents on request – the client must have mains and water connectivity

Garden Design – For garden design enquiries, click here to visit our sister company

Planting Design – For planting design enquiries, click here to visit our sister company

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Please get in touch to discuss your garden maintenance requirements

If you need to make a booking or have any questions regarding garden maintenance, or garden design services, please get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Are we right for you?

Not a typical garden maintenance company

Beyond Bloom is a small local team of professional and punctual gardeners with a passion – to cultivate our customer’s gardens into inspirational, life-enhancing spaces. 

Our horticulturally trained team has a broad knowledge of plants – ensuring the most professional outcome for your garden: and to reach a symbiosis with its nature.


Our gardeners work in harmony with nature in your garden.
We use a combination of human and lithium power to ensure your Devon garden – is maintained to the highest level.
We avoid using artificial pesticides and fertilisers – opting for the natural approach by adding organic materials to the soil to build long-term fertility.
We encourage composting as much as possible as homemade compost is higher in nutrients than most shop-bought alternatives.
We repurpose as many old items as possible, such as pots and encourage the use of lower energy materials for use in your garden.

Garden Maintenance

Specialist Tooling

As dedicated horticulturalists, we use the best gardening tools available. The majority of our bladed tools are hand-made in Japan, a country noted for their expertise in manufacturing the finest steel razor-sharp blades – resulting in the cleanest possible cut.

Other hand-held tools are made by Austrian coppersmiths, with ultra-fine edges, ideal for precision work and soil cultivation.

Most of our power tools are German-made lithium battery-powered to minimise noise and environmental pollution.

We sterilize tools and boots intermittently throughout the day, to mitigate the spread of disease.

Beyond Bloom Garden Maintenance - Andrea Vytlacil - BW - Cotswolds

Tailored Services

At Beyond Bloom, we endeavour to work closely with our customers, to form a working brief or schedule that suits each gardening need.

For regular customers, we will form a plan to maximise the potential of your garden throughout the seasons, whilst retaining the flexibility to adapt the brief to facilitate any changes or on-the-spot amendments you may wish to make.

If you need us for just a day or two, we will establish your requirements in advance then undertake the brief to the word, within the allocated time.

Our team of gardeners will be happy to offer any related gardening advise at the beginning of each appointment

Rain & Work

Whilst you can count on us to arrive on time for every appointment, the weather is beyond our control!

The good news is our team of intrepid gardeners are not shy of a bit of rain now and then – they’re more than happy to work during light short showers as they are equipped with rainproof clothing to keep them warm and dry.

Our team will not work during persistent and heavy rain, as this causes damage to gardens.

For persistent downpours, we may need to rebook your appointment. Cancelled appointments, due to heavy rain, will be rebooked as soon as possible.


Garden Projects

Providing garden maintenance of the highest standard, since 2009

Our intrepid team of professional gardeners across West Devon cultivate each garden to an optimal level.

Here are just a few examples of our work in Dartmoor and surrounding areas

Project 1


Regular customer, two gardeners, 16 hours per month, full garden maintenance

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 3


Regular customer, two gardeners, 7 hours per month, full garden maintenance

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 5


Annual customer, power washing, garden clearence

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 2

Sowton Village

Regular customer, two gardeners, 7 hours per month, full garden maintenance

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 4


Regular customer, two gardeners, 4 hours per month, garden maintenance, planting

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Project 6


Coming Soon

Make a booking or call us on 07956-898-341

Tool Shed

Tooled-up with the best stuff your garden needs!

At Beyond Bloom, we’re serious about horticulture – we use the best gardening tools available, hand-made by artisans throughout the world, including Japan, Austria, Germany and GB.


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information you may need before getting in touch

We hope these FAQs answer some of your key questions. Please feel free to contact us hereor use the links below if you need further information rgarding our gardening services.


• A team of two gardeners will attend each booking.

• We equip our gardeners with the highest specification tooling available – designed to undertake each gardening task to the utmost level of horticultural professionalism.

• Tools and shoes are disinfected intermittently during the daily gardening process to mitigate bacterial cross-infection.

• Our team will follow the brief to the word and undertake your requests within the time allocated. For regular appointments, we’ll adapt your brief to facilitate new priorities at the beginning of the session (if required).

• The team will arrive equipped with all necessary PPE to mitigate COVID infection including, face masksdisinfectant & hand sanitiser.

• We require customers to open all relevant doors, so our gardeners can access the garden with minimal contact.


We offer competitive rates in your area. Please call us now for a consultation and quotation on 0795-689-8341, or click here to email us.


Yes, we’re happy to work on individual projects.


If we finish the job earlier than initially estimated, you will only have to pay for the time we have worked.


If you live in a permit zone, we require you to arrange the relevant parking permit, to enable us to park safely. If you are unable to do this, we will add the cost of parking to your invoice.


Our team may work during light short showers.

They will not work during persistent and heavy rain, as this causes damage to gardens.

Cancelled appointments, due to heavy rain and water-logging, will be rebooked as a priority.


We undertake garden maintenance in West Devon and further afield (subject to request). We sometimes consider special requests to work nationally.


Yes, we have full liability insurance.


What our customers have to say about our work

“Andrea and Pete have brought our front and back gardens back to life! So refreshing to come home to.Andrea and Pete worked extremely hard in very hot conditions and the result is absolutely amazing! We have had our second visit and the next one is already booked. Great value for money, very professional, knowledgeable and will be our gardeners forever! Highly recommended”

– David, Exeter

“The team at Beyond Bloom have worked miracles in my family garden!

We have used other maintenance companies in the past. Andrea and her skilled gardeners are by far the best – they have extensive knowledge of horticulture, a razor-sharp eye for detail and are very friendly – our garden never looked better, thanks to Andrea and her team of fantastic gardeners!”

– Byron, Exeter

This was Andrea’s first visit to our garden which although loved had been neglected because of my back injury. Andrea and her husband worked sooo hard and achieved a lot. Incredibly hard workers and thorough.

So looking forward to the next visit and very soon the garden will be much improved and full of colour and texture.

– Josephine, Exeter

Andrea transformed our garden from a lawn into a wonderland of perspective and colour. There is always a surprise when something new appears in all four seasons.

Andrea and the team are reliable, tidy and professional. We look forward to their visits with their friendly manners during high standard of work.

– Helen, Drewsteignton

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If you need to make a booking or have any questions regarding garden maintenance, or garden design services, please get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to help.


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The Beyond Bloom Devon journal will provide up to date news and features relating to gardening interests and more. Check back from time to time to see what’s new – happy reading!

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